A denture is a traditional and well tested dental method to replace missing teeth and gives the possibility for those who have lost their teeth to live again a normal life.

Today’s dentures with modern materials and technology have good retention and enable a person to chew and speak. They instantly improve the aesthetics of the mouth, but also the appearance of the face, since they support the facial muscles, giving a natural, youthful look!

Although nothing compares to your own, natural teeth, good dentures can have good functionality and can give you a nice smile.

Dentures – Types and indications

There are several types of dentures. In order to select the best type, first we need to evaluate how many teeth are missing, where the gaps are located and in what shape are the remaining teeth.

Προσθετική- Οδοντοστοιχίες

When all the teeth are missing, then we have to fabricate a complete denture. If there are still some teeth left in the mouth, then we will have to construct a partial denture.

Full Denture

When all the teeth are missing (in one or both jaws) we can restore the ability to chew and speak with a full denture and also significantly improve the aesthetic of the mouth and the entire face. The upper denture generally has a good retention and many people are completely satisfied with the stability and functionality it offers.

Προσθετική- Οδοντοστοιχίες

The lower denture may show some mobility when chewing or speaking as it is not firmly attached, but sits on the gums and follows the movement of the tongue, lips, etc. A complete denture still remains is the most conservative and quick way to restore the function and aesthetics of the mouth after the loss of all teeth.

Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture replaces the missing teeth by filling the empty spaces the lost teeth have left behind. These dentures are held in place by the remaining teeth, which function as anchors.

Μερική οδοντοστοιχία

The denture is attached to them with elegant, tiny clasps and bars. Depending on the position, and the inclination of the teeth, these metallic clasps may be visible, which may cause an aesthetic problem.


Partial Denture & Dental Aesthetics

An aesthetic restoration with a denture is not a distant dream, but a daily reality! Thanks to advances in technology, we now have modern, sophisticated techniques that allow us to support a partial denture without any obvious hooks!

Μερική οδοντοστοιχία

This way, it is almost impossible to distinguish a partial denture from the other teeth, and at the same time we can achieve even better retention!



""When I lost my last teeth, I was so insecure. Suddenly I felt so old... Now I smile and speak freely. Nobody noticed that I wear dentures”"


Can we avoid a denture?

There are several ways to avoid a removable denture, and dental implants is one of them.

Consult Dr. Alexandros Papasotiriou. As Periodontist and Implantologist, he is a specialist in the regeneration of the oral tissues and the rehabilitation using dental implants and can help you choose the most suitable way in order for you to have again  fixed  teeth and a bright smile!

The secret satisfaction of naturalness!

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