Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge

The dental bridge is a proven method that allows us to repair damaged teeth or to replace one or more missing teeth.

When there are spaces in your mouth, due to lost teeth, or in spite of all efforts, some teeth need to be extracted, it does not necessarily mean, that you will have to live the rest of your life with a tooth gap. There is always the solution of a dental bridge!

This way we can replace missing teeth and restore the function and the aesthetics of your mouth.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is fixed on the teeth on each side of the gap.  In order to fabricate a dental bridge, we must first grind the adjacent teeth and get an accurate impression. Based on this impression, the dental laboratory can now go ahead and build the fixed bridge and fill the gaps of the missing teeth.


New generation dental porcelain provides excellent aesthetics and durability, similar to those of the natural teeth. Thus we are able to fabricate bridges that look just like the adjacent natural teeth

 Dental Bridge – Indications

A dental bridge can close a gap of a single tooth in the front area of the mouth in a very natural looking way,


as well as  to restore an entire jaw, as is necessary in advanced cases.


Dental Bridge, Periodontics and Dental Implants

A dental bridge is a tried and very popular method for restoring missing teeth. The supporting teeth have to be strong enough to stand firm to the chewing forces and to the functional forces that are applied on them.

In many cases a periodontal treatment needs to be done before proceeding with the bridge. That way we can reinforce the teeth, or we can even combine a fixed bridge with dental implants. This way we can restore the function and aesthetics of the mouth and provide a long lasting restoration.

"''Since I was a little boy I remember myself going far too often to the dentist…I had bad quality teeth that used to decay all the time. Every now and then I had another filling done. It came the moment that I had enough with all of that… With the bridge we did not only close the gaps of the missing teeth, but we covered and protected the rest of the teeth. Finally I can eat without any complain and smile again with no hesitation...''"

The dental bridge is a conservative and well tested method in order  to fill the gaps in the mouth. For anyone who has one or more missing teeth, the fixed bridge is the perfect way to harmonically restore the function and aesthetics of the mouth!

The radiance of naturalness in your smile!