Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment

Thanks to the evolution of the specialty of periodontics, we now have many different methods, specialized techniques and modern biomaterials for the treatment of periodontal disease

When treating periodontal disease, every case is unique! The extent, shape and distribution of periodontal defects should not be considered separately, but factors such as general health, smoking, or some medication must be taken into account. Detail makes the difference!

The treatment of periodontitis begins with the correct assessment of the condition. It is important to evaluate clinical signs such as gum inflammation and bleeding, as well as possible mobility or changes in the position of the teeth.

Periodontal Treatment-Periodontal Charting

For the effective treatment of periodontitis, it is very important to record the condition of the gums and periodontal pockets.



A great help is the latest  innovation of modern technology:  the Digital Periodontal Charting, that allows us to record the depth of the periodontal pockets, recessions, etc. It has the advantage that we can make measurements at different times, which we can easily compare over time.

Thanks to the Digital Periodontal Charting, we have a clear picture of the condition of the gums before and after the treatment, but also at follow-up visits.

Treatment of Gingivitis Periodontitis

The first step in the treatment of periodontitis is to remove the tartar, the toxins and the bacteria, that are attached to the root surface. This can be accomplished by a technique called scaling and root planning, that requires the use of specially designed instruments, as well as the knowledge and expertise of a specialized periodontist.

Θεραπεία Περιοδοντίτιδας

In mild forms of periodontal disease scaling and root planning alone can lead to the re-attachment of the gums back on the tooth surface causing the pockets to disappear.

Periodontal regeneration

Periodontitis often causes permanent damage to the periodontal tissues and to the jaw bone that supports the teeth. In these cases, we will have to correct the defects especially when periodontal disease is at an advanced stage. Using the modern regenerative techniques we can eliminate the periodontal pockets.

Θεραπεία Περιοδοντίτιδας

In certain cases, we can regenerate the lost periodontal tissues (with guided tissue regeneration), reversing the lesions that have been created, thus reinforcing the support of the teeth.

Eugenia D.
""After having periodontal treatment, my mouth feels free and clean! It is not only that we managed to save my teeth. The gum bleeding has stopped and my breath doesn’t smell any more. I feel great…""

Periodontal treatment offers health and well-being. In addition to saving our teeth, we also get a much better feeling of our mouth and ourselves in our everyday life. Periodontal treatment is also the best way to fight bad breath!

Healthy gums for a better life!

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