Gum Regeneration

Gum Regeneration

A periodontist has the knowledge and expertise, not only to treat periodontal disease, but also to correct a wide range of aesthetic problems. associated with natural teeth or a future dental restoration.

Using modern regenerative techniques and gum regeneration, we are able to correct with many different aesthetic imperfections of our natural teeth and of a prosthetic restoration.

These defects can affect not only the aesthetics, but also the harmonic function of the mouth. With gingival regeneration, we can correct hard and soft tissue deficiency around teeth, implants or some areas of the jaw.

Gum Regeneration  and jaw atrophy

Accidents or chronic localized infections may cause a jaw to resorb and to become atrophic.  If the atrophic part of the jaw is not repaired first, every attempt to restore the missing teeth is bound to fail, because the result does not look natural and aesthetic.

Modern periodontology gives us the opportunity to regenerate the lost tissue and to give back to the jaw it’s original healthy shape and volume. With a connective tissue graft or other regenerative techniques, we can restore the gums when a single tooth is missing, or when we have a larger gap.

Σε περιπτώσεις όπου έχουμε μια ιδιαίτερα μεγάλη βλάβη θα πρέπει με την κατευθυνόμενη οστική αναγέννηση  να αναγεννήσουμε πρώτα το κόκκαλο που έχει απορροφηθεί και στη συνέχεια με ένα μόσχευμα συνδετικού  ιστού ή χρησιμοποιώντας άλλες μεθόδους της αναγέννησης ούλων  να επαναφέρουμε τους μαλακούς ιστούς  στην φυσιολογική τους  μορφή.

In cases where we have a large defect, we must first regenerate the lost bone and then restore the soft tissues to their normal form with a connective tissue graft or other soft tissue regenerative technique.

Gum Regeneration and Dental Implants

An important field of periodontology is the restoration of missing teeth with dental implants. Thanks to aesthetic regenerative techniques we can regenerate the hard and soft tissues around the implants, so that an implant restoration looks identical to our natural teeth!

Αναγέννηση ούλων

On the above pictures there is one implant among natural teeth. Can you tell for sure which are the natural teeth and which one is the implant?

Nefeli Z.
""Ever since I made the aesthetic correction on my gums I feel completely different! So many people I see around me or in magazines could have a so much nicer smile... ""

With the aesthetic techniques of gum regeneration we can replace the missing tissues and create again a beautiful, harmonious smile. Trust gum regeneration and smile again with confidence!

A beautiful smile is not just teeth...