Gum Plasty

Gum Plasty

The teeth certainly play the leading role in the smile aesthetics, but we should not forget that gums are equally as important!

Gum Plasty is a revolutionary and very conservative and and highly effective aesthetic periodontal technique which allows us to correct the shape of the gums and create a beautiful, harmonious smile!

In modern Gum Plasty procedures we use specialized techniques of microsurgery, and in some cases, a valuable aid is the dental microscope.

Gum Plasty-Indications

Gum Plasty  helps us create an aesthetic and  harmonious result  in many different cases.

Even when the teeth have a normal position and arrangement in the mouth, the gums may exhibit some unevenness in thickness and especially in height. This makes some teeth look shorter than the rest.

Using the Gum Plasty procedure we can eliminate the uneven gum line in the anterior region of the mouth, and restore the harmony and symmetry of the teeth both to each other and to the lips. This technique can be applied in cases where we have only natural teeth,

or when we have a prosthetic restoration (individual crowns or a bridge), that needs to be replaced for functional or aesthetic reasons.

The lateral area of ​​the mouth is just as important for the smile. Very often we notice that the gums cover part of the tooth, so the teeth look abnormally short.


Thanks to Gum Plasty procedure we can restore the harmonic arrangement of the gums and restore the natural shape of the teeth.

Gum Plasty and Ideal Smile

When we plan to make a complete aesthetic improvement of the  smile, such as a Hollywood Smile, in order to get an ideal, impressive result, we recommend the combination of Gum Plasty with the other techniques of aesthetic dentistry.

In more complex cases, where we have to correct the position of the teeth and their arrangement  (gaps between the teeth, crooked teeth, etc.), Gum Plasty is irreplaceable.


In these cases we have to use many different techniques of aesthetic dentistry (such as dental bleaching, veneers, etc.). The combination of Periodontology and Aesthetic Dentistry allows us to restore the harmonic arrangement of the gums and teeth and achieve a truly impressive result.

Natalia F.
""For many years my smile kept bothering me. I noticed in the mirror that although my teeth were straight, something was wrong. While speaking with Dr. Papasotiriou I realized that the problem were the gums. With Gum Plasty I finally got the smile that I always dreamed of. I could never imaging that such a small change would make such a big difference… " "

If you hesitate to smile because your teeth are too short, or because you show too much gums, you do not have to worry anymore. There is always the solution of Gum Plasty. Trust this conservative aesthetic method and get a beautiful, harmonious smile!

Create a harmonic frame for an impressive smile!