Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift is a modern, revolutionary method, which enables us to regenerate the severely resorped bone in the posterior area of the upper jaw.

The sinus lift -has completely changed the way we plan an implant rehabilitation! We are now able to correct a severely absorbed jaw and create ideal conditions for a dental implant reconstruction!


For those who are going to lose soon their upper back teeth or those who are not satisfied with their upper partial denture, sinus lift - can make the dream of strong, fixed teeth come true!

Sinus Lift – Indications and applications

The sinus lift Technique  can compensate for the lack of bone in the lateral area of ​​the upper jaw. This way we can place a fixed restoration using dental implants on one side of the mouth.

We can also restore the function of the mouth, not on one, but on both sides of the upper jaw, by regenerating both sinuses simultaneously

There are cases where a single tooth is missing and we do not want to grind the adjacent teeth for a bridge. When the jaw bone is insufficient for an implant, even in these cases, we can place a single tooth implant restoration after having first regenerated the bony defect using the Sinus Lift technique.

Thanks to this innovative regenerative method, we have completely new possibilities, as with the sinus lift we can correct the shape of the jaw in order to place a fixed and strong restoration.

Sinus Lift and modern bio-materials

Sinus lifting became much simpler and painless thanks to the development of bone grafts and bio-materials.

Let’s not forget that in the early years of this technique we did not have reliable bone grafts and we were forced to harvest a bone from the patient himself. This meant that during a sinus lift we had to operate, besides the sinus, but also in other areas of the jaw in order to collect the bone graft.

Modern bone grafts have excellent biological properties, since they act like a magnet attracting the healing cells of the body, which are actively involved in the regeneration of the jaw.

As a result, during a Sinus Lift procedure we no longer need to do the extra surgery to collect the bone graft, thus saving pain and discomfort!

Another major development of bio-technology is the new regenerative membranes made from collagen or other bio-materials. These have the great advantage that once their action is completed, they are naturally absorbed by the body.

We no longer have to do an extra procedure to remove the regenerative membrane, which makes a Sinus Lift procedure even simpler.

Thanks to modern bio-materials, the Sinus Lift procedure is now a well-tested and much simpler regenerative method, which offers to many people every day a better quality of life.

Michael A.
""As a civil engineer I know that for a stable construction, first of all we need a strong foundation. I never imagined that the same thing would happen in my own mouth! I feel totally secure…""

Thanks to the Sinus Lift procedure we can restore the function  of the mouth, even in cases that until a few years ago it would have been impossible. Trust, like so many other people, the modern regenerative techniques to regain the confidence and naturalness in your smile!

Regenerate the dream of natural, firm teeth!