Bone Augmentation

Bone Augmentation

Bone augmentation procedure is a modern and biological method that allows us to regenerate hard tissues, and to restore the shape and function of the jaw.

When bone loss is severe, we often can’t replace the missing teeth with a dental implant. You don’t have to accept this disability any longer. Thanks to bone regeneration we can now correct the damage and restore the aesthetics and function of the mouth.

Modern bio-materials, latest titanium processing techniques, and the development of new surgical techniques, make bone augmentation procedures a predictable method with daily application.

Bone augmentation – Indications.

There are many different causes that may lead to a significant bone deficit: a large chronic inflammation, or extensive surgery – such as removing an impacted tooth, or a cyst.

In an accident, it is quite common to lose not only some teeth, but also part of the jaw bone, surrounding the lost teeth. This leaves behind a significant bone deficit, which needs to be corrected with a Bone Augmentation procedure.

Bone Augmentation and dental implants

A dental implant reconstruction is a reliable solution, provided that the jaw has the proper shape and size. In earlier times, when the jaw has been absorbed to a large extent, it was not possible to place an implant. Bone augmentation techniques give us completely new possibilities, as we are now able to regenerate lost tissues and restore the defect both functionally and aesthetically.

Bone reconstruction of the jaw can be applied in many different cases:

When the defect is particularly extensive involving few teeth, as it is after an accident, we can restore the normal shape and size of the jaw using various regenerative techniques. This way, the future prosthetic rehabilitation with dental implants will have a strong and safe foundation.

Bone regeneration helps us repair a severe defect, even on a single tooth. Some years ago, where we didn’t have todays’ refined augmentation techniques, an implantation would have been practically impossible and we would have no other option, than to grind the adjacent teeth in order to fabricate a dental bridge.

Thanks to bone augmentation, we can regenerate the lost tissues of the jaw and offer a fixed restoration with a naturally looking and aesthetic implant.

Bone regeneration and aesthetics

Bone regeneration techniques have recently evolved to a point,  that not only an implantation is made possible (something that in earlier years was impossible) but we can restore cases with very high aesthetic demands.

By combining bone regeneration with the aesthetic soft tissue regenerative techniques of periodontology we can achieve really impressive results. The final restoration using a dental implant may look so natural, that one cannot tell dental implants apart from natural teeth!

The latest advances in implant prosthodontics give us more possibilities for an ideal outcome. Thanks to the latest generation of ceramic materials and the digital CAD/CAM technology, we can now, restore a missing tooth, even in the most challenging cases, in an absolute natural way, so that it does not differ from the other natural teeth.

"After the accident I was left with a big defect in the jaw. My entire face was deformed and I didn’t dare to smile, until the day we regenerated the lost tissue. I could not imagine, that one day I would have such harmonic and natural teeth.."

Bone regeneration offers above all naturalness and harmony in a mouth that has suffered significant losses from an inflammation or an accident. Trust, like so many other people every day, modern bone augmentation techniques and smile again freely with confidence!

The natural harmony in your smile!