Aesthetic Tooth Extraction

Aesthetic Tooth Extraction

The aesthetic tooth extraction is a very effective technique when we strive for straight teeth, especially when there is severe crowding.

We all wish a harmonic smile, but only few are lucky enough to be born with absolutely straight teeth.  For those, who do not wish a lengthy orthodontic treatment – due to professional or social reasons – there is always the solution of the aesthetic extractions!

The most common problem is crowding, which leads to crooked teeth.
An aesthetic tooth extraction can help us immensely in the upper as well as in the lower jaw.

Aesthetic tooth extraction and aesthetic aspects.

Aesthetic tooth extraction is not a method which by itself will correct all problems of crowding or changes in tooth position. But it is a valuable tool in complex cases, as this creates the missing space.

To achieve the desired effect, we must then combine other techniques of the aesthetic dentistry such as composite resin or porcelain veneers. This way we can correct a wide range of  aesthetic problems without having to use braces.

Although the upper anterior region is the most important for smile aesthetics, let’ s not forget that the lower teeth play an equally important role.

When performing an aesthetic correction, thanks to the aesthetic extractions we can eliminate tooth crowding, correct the shape and form of the teeth and restore the harmonic appearance of the entire smile.


Aesthetic tooth extraction and adult orthodontics

When we have severe lack of space, then we don’ t have to deal only with the crowing. The other problem is that the teeth are not in the right position. In these particularly complicated cases, besides an aesthetic extraction, we have to consider using the technique of adult orthodontics, where in a short period of time we will bring  the teeth back to their original position.

This way we create enough space in order for the teeth to have a harmonious arrangement in the jaw and with composite or porcelain veneers we can achieve an ideal result.

The combination of these techniques as is of course is not limited to the upper jaw.

Thanks to the aesthetic extraction method we remove the most problematic (from orthodontic point of view) tooth. This way we create sufficient space to straighten the remaining teeth and with aesthetic veneers we can create an ideal smile!

""I was always bothered by this toothless tooth, and when I was smiling I was feeling embarrassed, I never imagined that with the aesthetic export I would have had such a spectacular result, I immediately went and took out new professional photos!""

For those who do not have straight teeth and as children did not wear braces and today as adults continue to refuse to make a long orthodontic treatment, there is always a solution! Trust aesthetic tooth extraction and aesthetic dentistry and get straight teeth and a beautiful smile!

Sometimes less ... is more!