The dental microscope has found application in many areas of dentistry, and the specialty of periodontology could not be an exception!

Thanks to the dental microscope we see much better all the details. With the special micro-instruments we can perform very delicate movements and limit operative trauma of the tissue to the minimum.. Thus we have much better results and healing is completed faster and painlessly.

The application of the dental microscope in periodontology, set off a wave of innovation. We now use newly developed, specialized microscopic instruments that enable us to handle microscopic sutures previously used only in ophthalmology and neurosurgery.

Microscope and modern technology in periodontics

Thanks to the introduction of the dental microscope, a whole new generation of special microscopic tools and materials developed. We now have sutures that are almost invisible to the naked eye (1), as they are thinner than a human hair (2)!

Progress in this area is impressive if we consider that the needle we use for microsurgery (3) is slightly larger than a pinhead (4)! The dental microscope did not only improve the materials and technology, but also us periodontists! A study has shown that the movements of the human hand are much more delicate and controlled when working under microscopic magnification.

Microscope and aesthetic periodontal techniques

An important area of ​​periodontics is the treatment of aesthetic problems either in natural teeth or around dental implants. Thanks to microscopic periodontics, we can achieve excellent aesthetic results in case of gum recession ding in the upper jaw,

as well as in the lower jaw.

Microscope and dental implants

The contribution of the dental microscope is particularly important for an implant restoration, especially in the anterior region, where aesthetics is very important. Thanks to microscopic periodontics we are now able to restore a lost tooth in such a natural way that it does not stand out from other natural teeth.

Besides the excellent results, the dental microscope has another great advantage: as aesthetic procedures are performed in a much more conservative way, tissue damage is minimized. This means that the whole process is significantly more painless, while healing is completed much faster!

"When I heard that we were going to use the microscope at first I was a little surprised, I have never heard of dental microscope before it, nor did any of my friends ... It’s impressive how modern technology can help, and I hardly felt anything."

Dental microscopy and modern technology enable us to achieve ever better aesthetic results, faster and more painlessly. Trust the enormous advantages of the dental microscope and get a healthy and beautiful smile!

The invisible touch in your smile!