Dental Microscope

The clinical application of the microscope is a revolutionary innovation in modern dentistry. The microscope made its first appearance in medical specialties, such as Ophthalmology, ENT, micro- and neurosurgery etc.

Only in recent years has the microscope made its appearance with timid steps in dentistry at the hands of leading dentists in America and Europe.

Only in recent years has the microscope made its appearance with timid steps in dentistry in the hands of leading dentists in America and Europe.

Advantages of using a Microscope in Dentistry

The great advantage of this instrument is that we can observe details that are actually invisible with the bare eye. This is of paramount importance if we strive for precision in our dental services! The dental microscope, as every other microscope, is made of an array of lenses, which magnify the object of observation. In dentistry we use 40 x magnification.

The microscope offers not only better dentistry – it also makes the dentist himself, much better!
Recent research has shown that when the doctor works under magnification, the movement of the fingers is much more precise.  The hand movements were measured to be ten times more accurate – on the tenth of a millimeter scale – while the use of microscopic instruments is significantly more targeted and accurate.

  What is so special about the dental microscope?

The dental microscope is bound to operate under unfavorable conditions. It needs to bypass the visual obstacle of the various dental instruments and headlights and to focus on a limited area, such as the oral cavity, and to execute a series of highly specialized functions.

The dental microscope needs to:

  • be capable to stretch to a long distance and remain steady. In order to achieves this, the base of the instrument has to be very robust, as well as the rest of the mechanisms.
  • easily focus on the operation field. We should not forget that our hands should be busy working on the patient, not constantly adjusting the microscope.
  • Create a 3D image so that we can sense the depth of the image
  • Have adjustable light intensity as well as the color of the light beam, because some dental materials are polymerizing ( are getting hard through a specific light frequency)
  • Be connected to a computer, in order to shoot pictures, video spots and digitally modify the taken photographs.


Did you know that the cent coin  hides a secret, that only the microscope can uncover?

Microscope in Dentistry

The implementation of the microscope in dentistry is worldwide, and especially in Greece in a pioneering stage. Just think of the fact that less than 1% of the dentists in the USA use the microscope.

For us it is a great pleasure to know that our dental office is one of the few centers in the world, where microdentistry is integrated in a wide spectrum of specialties, such as aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, diagnosis, periodontology and implantology.

We may be today pioneers in this new exciting field, however we sense that microscope is the direction of the future and that one day the microscope will become a valuable aid for every dentist.  This is also the reason why we are founding members of the Hellenic Society of Microscopic Dentistry.


Dr. Olga Papasotiriou
"In dentistry I seek the absolute detail! With the microscope I can see better, I can see more and most important I can offer more!"

With the dental microscope we can see the smallest detail and treat with great precision even the most demanding cases.
Very few dentists in Greece use the microscope and we are proud to be able to offer you this advanced technology!

Detail makes the difference!

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