Dental Implants – Some teeth

Dental Implants – Some teeth

Dental implants is a modern and biologic way to replace some teeth, that are missing.

When some teeth are missing in a row, especially in the back areas of the mouth, the classic solution would be a removable partial denture. Thanks to dental implants we can avoid using the traditional prosthetic methods of dentistry, such as a bridge, where we have to grind and weaken the adjacent teeth – especially when they are completely healthy, or even a partial denture.

For those who wish to avoid the feeling of a foreign body in the mouth, a fixed reconstruction with dental implants is the ideal solution.

Dental Implants or a Denture?


Dental implants are not only indicated in extreme cases. Even in a healthy mouth, some teeth may develop signs of wear, decay or periodontal disease, leaving no other option than to extract. This does not necessarily mean that the only option you have is to wear a removable denture.

With dental implants also you can  have strong, stable teeth, that feel and look like your own and a youthful, confident smile!

"All these years I used to live under great pressure and stress. Every time I brushed my teeth I had to lock the door. I didn’t want anyone to see me without my dentures. Now, with dental implants I feel so secure. While brushing I leave the restroom door open again!"

Thanks to dental implants also you can have again firm, stable  teeth that you feel like your own and a natural smile that radiates youthfulness and self-confidence!

Smile again with confidence!