Dental Implants - Smile Today

Dental Implants - Smile Today

Dental implantation is a proven method in order to restore the function and aesthetics of the mouth after tooth loss.

SmileToday®  – the immediate implant placement and reconstruction – is the latest development in modern dental implantology, that enables us to insert fixed teeth immediately after the placement of the dental implants!Using this revolutionary technique we can fulfill our needs and demands for quick, impressive results.

It is the ideal method for anyone who cannot appear in public without teeth due to personal, social or professional reasons.

A conventional dental implant restoration has excellent results, but still requires a longer period of time in order to place the teeth and close the gaps. SmileToday is the latest development, that comes to solve this problem, offering completely new possibilities.

Dental Implants – Classic approach

In traditional implant dentistry, in the first phase we place the implants in the predetermined position of the jaw. But the teeth cannot be placed yet. One should wait a few months until the prosthetic restoration is placed.

During this waiting period of approximately 4 months, the implants will integrate with the jawbone and will become the stable anchorage for the future prosthetic restoration

Dental Implants – Smile Today – Single tooth

Using the Smile Today® technique we can insert fixed teeth in the same morning, immediately after the placement of the dental implants!

Whether a single tooth gap in the back or the front area of the mouth, we can immediately replace the implant and the missing tooth and close the gap.

Dental Implants – Smile Today – Multiple teeth

The immediate Implants, the so called SmileToday technique, is a revolutionary technique, which was made possible thanks to modern dental implant technology and specialized surgical techniques. It can be performed as long as candidate fulfills certain criteria and the jaw bone has the appropriate density, shape and size.

Using a special device, we can measure the primary stability of the implants. There are also special systems that improve bone quality in order to be able to place the dental implants according to the immediate loading protocol.

Dental Implants – Smile Today – All teeth

Immediate Loading – Smile Today® is the result of recent progress in the technology of modern dental implants. It involves the use of specialized types of implants with advanced bio-mechanical properties.

Immediate loading – Smile Today® has excellent results. In order to assess whether someone is a good candidate for immediate loading we should take into account factors such as the extend of tooth loss, the shape and size of the jaw, bone quality and density, general health, etc.

Nick K.
"I was desperate, I couldn't even eat.. Within only a few hours my whole life changed. I feel sure and confident. I can smile again without any hesitation. SmileToday: couldn' t be more true...!"

Modern dental technology comes to drastically improve the quality of life. As incredible as it sounds, with the  SmileToday approach – immediate implants – we can turn the biologic clock of your mouth back in time, in just one morning!

Change within a few hours
your smile and your life!