Dental Implants – Single Tooth

Dental Implants – Single Tooth

Dental implants is a modern way to replace a hopeless or missing lost tooth.

There are many reasons that can lead to the loss of a single tooth. Thanks to dental implants we can close the gap between the teeth in a biologic and conservative way and bring back the naturalness and confidence to your smile!

A single implant has many indications: a deep caries, a root fracture deep under the gums ( in case of an accident ), a chronic, not treatable abscess, even congenitally missing teeth ( single or multiple ).

Single Implants – Indications

The most common indication for a dental implant restoration is when a tooth is lost in the front area of the mouth due to an accident. This creates an important aesthetic problem, that needs to be corrected as soon as possible.

Implant therapy is not limited just in the front area of the mouth. When a tooth is lost in the posterior part of the mouth, we can always replace it with an implant – a single tooth implant- and restore the function and aesthetics of the mouth.


Many times we have to restore  more than one  gap in the mouth,  both in the front and the back areas of the mouth using multiple single tooth implants.

Thanks to dental implants we can avoid using the traditional prosthetic methods  of dentistry, such as a bridge, where we have to grind and weake the adjacent teeth – especially when they are completely healthy, or even a partial , or full denture.

Dental Implants – One tooth & a-PRF™

In many cases, a problematic tooth needs to come out first and the implant will be placed after 2-3 months. After a tooth extraction is completed(1), the resulting hole in the bone (2) is filled with a blood clot which usually forms in the socket (3). During the subsequent normal healing process the extraction site is filled with bone and connective tissue.

As a result of remodeling of the jaw bone, there is In most of the cases a shrinkage of the bone, resulting in recession of the gums in the extraction area(4).


With the a-PRF™ technique we place regenerative clots and membranes (2) into the extraction site, which release growth factors, thereby minimizing bone loss (3).

Thanks to the a-PRF™ technique not only do we maintain the shape and form of the gums intact (4), but also create the conditions for a safe implant and aesthetic result.



Dental Implants – Aesthetic Dentistry

Modern periodontology and implant dentistry enables us to regenerate peri-implant tissues in a very natural way. By using innovative techniques, such as bone regeneration or soft tissue augmentation techniques we can restore dental implants in such a way, that we cannot tell implants from natural teeth apart!


Εμφυτεύματα δοντιών - Ένα δόντι

Can you point out with certainty, which is the implant and which is the natural tooth?


Dental Implants – Immediate Implant

Dental implants are not restricted to the front teeth. Using a single implant we can close spaces even in the back areas of the mouth.

A breakthrough in modern implantology is the technique called SmileToday – immediate implantation – where the transition from a problematic tooth to a solid dental implant is a matter of an hour!

Nick Α.
"When I broke my front tooth playing soccer I was very sad. I stopped smiling, I didn’t feel like going out. Thank God for implants! From the first moment I felt wonderful. I regained my smile and my normal life!"

Thanks to modern restoration methods we can now replace even a single tooth in a biologic and natural way.

Show trust in dental implants and have again a confident, harmonic smile!

The confidence of harmony in your smile!