Dental Implants – All teeth

Dental Implants – All teeth

Dental implants is a modern and safe way, even when all teeth are missing, that enables us to have again fixed teeth and enjoy a better quality of life.

Dental implants is a modern and safe way, even when all teeth are missing, that enables us to have again fixed and secure teeth that feel and look like your own natural teeth.

Trust yourself – like thousands of people all over the world – implants to enjoy a good quality of life!

For those who wish to avoid the feeling of a foreign body in the mouth, a fixed reconstruction with dental implants is the ideal solution.

Dental Implants or a Full Denture?

When all teeth are lost in one or both jaws, the classic solution would be  complete removable dentures. Even though it is a fast and simple method to restore the aesthetics and function of the mouth, many people have problems tolerating their dentures, especially in the lower jaw


Full dentures are not firmly attached to the jaw and can have a certain mobility, especially when the tongue, the cheeks and the lips are moving. A lot of people wearing dentures have difficulty speaking or chewing certain foods. This lack of safety in the mouth has great impact on self- confidence and social behavior.

For many years, dentures were the only alternative and one had to compromise with the limitations and problems. Today things have changed, since dental implants give us completely new possibilities for a better quality of life!

Dental Implants – Indications

Dental implants can help us in many ways: for those who are generally satisfied with their removable denture, but have problems with the mobility, with only few implants we can make the denture much more stable. For those who want to get rid of their denture once and for all, they can have a fixed restoration with implants in one or in both jaws.

Dental implants have brought a real revolution in the way we treat tooth loss and give us a whole new spectrum of possibilities for a better life quality.


Dental Implants – immediate Implants

A great advancement in implant dentistry are the modern bone regenerative techniques (sinus lift, bone augmentation techniques, etc.), while the revolutionary technique of immediate implantation – SmileToday– enables us to place the implants and attach temporary, fixed teeth at the same day!

Dental implants are the ideal way to have fixed, natural looking teeth. You can let yourself free to chew whatever you feel like without hesitation, you can speak freely and smile with confidence.

"The last years I had only problems with my teeth. All the time infections, antibiotics... After I had the dental implants done, I felt immediately so much better ! My mouth is now clean and healthy. Even my blood tests came out much better! I feel great …"

Dental implants are the ideal way to have again stable, naturally looking  teeth.
Enjoy again any food you like and let yourself  free to talk, laugh and smile  full of  confidence and youthfullness!

Dental implants, because… youth has no age!