Wedding preparation


Treat yourself with a bright smile for your wedding!

A beautiful smile reflects the happiness you feel on your wedding day and makes you even more radiant!

The time for your wedding photos is near. Do you feel ready to smile in front of hundreds of people and be photographed without being ashamed? Among all the details for the wedding organization, did you think at all about your smile?

When you smile you highlight your beauty and emphasize your happiness. At the same time, a healthy mouth without inflammation in your gums and decayed teeth saves you from pain and unpleasant situations.

With modern cosmetic dentistry we create an ideal smile in a very short time, combining modern techniques such as:


Aesthetic veneers, teeth whitening, gingivoplasty, quick orthodontic treatment for adults, all-ceramic crowns and dental implants with immediate tooth placement in a day.



Wedding preparation and esthetic dentistry

The secret to a photogenic smile is to have harmony and the right ratio between the gums and the teeth. If you display annoying imperfections when you smile, such as dark, crooked teeth or problems with old crowns, your upcoming wedding is the perfect opportunity to correct them.


Your wedding date cannot be postponed. So visit the dentist early enough to receive a wonderful smile!


Additionally to modern dental aesthetic techniques (teeth whitening, composite or porcelain veneers, all-ceramic crowns) gingivoplasty can painlessly change the contour of the gums, thus giving them a more symmetrical and harmonious shape. By combining these techniques we achieve a very good aesthetic result in just a few weeks.

Small defects of the teeth, such as the yellow color or the interdental spaces makes the color of your teeth appear dull. Your smile does not radiate the happiness and joy that you feel on the big day of your wedding.


When preparing a smile for a wedding, the changes are so carefully planned and performed, so that your smile looks great on pictures and videos.


Healthy teeth and gums support a beautiful smile

Germs in your mouth can alter the aesthetics and harmony of your smile. A beautiful smile must first and foremost be healthy. Caries creates holes in the teeth which cause dark spots, while at an advanced stage they can cause fractures and damage to the teeth. In periodontal disease, pathogenic germs cause gum irritation, swelling, bleeding and a foul odor.

 It is important to fight caries and periodontal disease first before considering any other improvement!

Glowing smile with teeth whitening

If your teeth have lost their shine over the years, you can easily whiten them again and get a bright smile!

If the shape and arrangement of the teeth show irregularities, we can correct not only the shape but also the color with composite or porcelain veneers, thus creating the perfect smile for the big day!

A valuable help is the periodontal technique of gingivectomy. Through this procedure we can correct the gum line and create a new, harmonious smile for the new beginning in your life!

Adult orthodontics and teeth whitening correct crooked and yellow teeth.

If as a child you did not have the opportunity to straighten your teeth, then your wedding is the great opportunity to finally get the smile of your dreams!

If there are severe abnormalities in the position and arrangement of the teeth, there is always the adult orthodontic treatment. In only a few weeks adult orthodontics can restore the teeth to their original position and create a beautiful smile.

“For my wedding I expect only the best!”

The wedding preparation period is full of running and stress. Visit the dentist early enough in order to have enough time for the right treatment for your smile. With good communication and proper planning we can show excellent results in a very short time.


Μarina Κ.
"It was the happiest day of my life. Everything was perfect..the wedding dress, the decoration, the reception… On all wedding photos my new smile is so bright and radiant. It was really worth it.. I am glowing from joy and happiness!"

For the brightest day of your life, you deserve to have a beautiful smile. Maybe the wedding day will pass quickly, but the memories and the photographs will stay with you for a lifetime!

Aesthetic dentistry can in a short period of time eliminate the irregularities on your smile and bring stunningly good results.

You too can have an ideal smile for the most significant day of your life!

The brightest smile for the brightest day!