Aesthetic veneers - composite & porcelain laminate veneers

Aesthetic veneers - composite & porcelain laminate veneers

Composite – and porcelain laminate veneers are some of the most impressive aesthetic dental techniques that modern aesthetic dentistry can offer. Veneers cover various defects of the shape, color and position of the teeth, thus creating harmonious and bright colored smiles. More and more people are trusting aesthetic veneers for changing their lives and enjoying their new, flawless smile.

What are the indications for composite veneers?

With composite resin veneers we can correct defects in the shape, color and alignment of the teeth. We can also correct the position of the teeth, close gaps between the teeth and thus upgrade a smile, from asymmetrical and ugly to dazzling! Resin veneers can give to most aesthetic problems excellent solutions that last through time.

With minimal sized veneers(micro-veneers) we can close small spaces between the front teeth very conservatively. The gap may be imperceptible, but when it closes we understand a big difference.

Small changes can make a big difference in a smile. Without grinding the enamel, we can correct the shape of the teeth at the incisal edge (the cutting end of the teeth) so that the smile looks better on photos.

How are composite veneers placed on the teeth?

How are composite veneers placed on the teeth?

Resin veneers are a very conservative treatment that does not require grinding of the teeth. The technique is similar to the work a sculptor does when creating a work of art.

The dentist bonds (attaches a small amount of resin to the tooth enamel using a special resin glue) to improve their appearance. The resin comes in form of a paste of thick consistency. The dentist shapes it with special tools giving the veneer the desired shape.

Consequently the veneer is hardened in place with a special blue light

and finally it receives its final shape through finishing and polishing. Only a few hours are enough to create a new, impressive smile!

Do composite veneers have bulky or unnatural appearance?

Resin veneers are the treatment of aesthetic dentistry that requires from the dentist knowledge and materials, technical experience and artistic sensibility. If the faces are made correctly by a specially trained and experienced doctor, they do not alter the general appearance of the face and the way one speaks or smiles. In contrast, the faces are even more in line with the lips and other parts of the face because the dentist adjusts the shape of the resin faces on the spot.



 During the treatment we ask our patients to smile, talk and we observe them.

During the treatment we ask our patients to smile, talk and we observe them.

We take pictures during the treatment to see how the smile looks and we correct the shape of the veneers so that the smile will match to the face and personality of the patient.

With composite resin veneers we can also cover stains on the tooth enamel. Combining the veneers with teeth whitening, we can achieve impressive, yet natural results.

The composite resin veneers can correct the white spots on the enamel, and at the same time they can straighten the crooked position of the teeth.


Marina T
"I always wanted to become a model but my teeth were not straight enough and there was no time for braces. Thanks to composite veneers, I soon acquired a bright smile that "looks gorgeous" on the photos. I can finally follow my dream! "

Smile freely and receive positive energy in your life !!

Advantages of composite veneers.

Advantages of composite veneers.

Aesthetic dentists have nowadays to their disposal composite resins of newest generation. These materials have exceptional optical characteristics, a wide range of shades and unsurpassed durability compared previous materials.

The vast advantage of the composite veneers is that they can correct practically any type of aesthetic flaws of the shape and color of the teeth. The procedure is performed directly, in a single visit and in a very conservative manner by keeping the tooth enamel intact.


The main indications for the composite resins are fractures and abrasions on the enamel, caries, old discolored restorations in the front teeth,

as well as closing the gaps between teeth (diastemas).

Can composite veneers straighten teeth?

With composite veneers we can even correct aesthetic problems such as orthodontic irregularities (misplacement of the teeth in the jaw), which are usually treated with orthodontic braces. We can mask the misplaced teeth by giving crooked teeth straight shape and also close gaps between the teeth (diastema closure)

In many cases we can avoid time consuming orthodontic treatment thanks to modern aesthetic dentistry and composite or porcelain veneers. Only in a few dental visits you can have white and straight teeth and enjoy a sparkling smile!


In order to grant symmetry to a smile, we often need to combine the composite veneers with the aesthetic periodontal technique of gingivoplasty (gum sculpting). The emerging position of the tooth through the gum witnesses the tooth’s position in the jaw and its inclination. Our purpose is to create a smile that looks like the teeth are in a straight position and the shape of the gums is harmonious and symmetrical.

Dimitra T.
"I've always admired the white, shiny teeth I saw in the movies. I never imagined that I would one day get the perfect smile with composite veneers. It’s incredible ..."

Which factors affect the life span of the composite veneers?

Aesthetic dentists nowadays have to their disposal advanced composite veneers of the latest generation (with nano-particles) which have exceptional physical and chemical properties, natural appearance and unsurpassed durability, compared to previous materials.


The life expectancy of the composite resin veneers depends firstly on the quality of the materials, but also on the quality of the tooth enamel on which the veneers are bonded to. Good quality enamel gives good adhesion and retention to the resin. The new materials have better adhesion and great resistance to the forces of mastication. Food and beverage no longer cause stains on the resins, due to the advanced composition of the resins that render increased protection against staining and enable better polishing.

According to our clinical experience of more than 20 years at the Papasotiriou Dental Clinic, we have observed a life expectancy of composite veneers similar to that of porcelain veneers.


Porcelain laminate veneers

Modern aesthetic dentistry provides us also the treatment of porcelain laminate veneers, a similar technique to composite veneers, which can achieve extraordinary aesthetic results.

This is a ground breaking technique for the aesthetic correction of the front teeth. Modern dental ceramic materials enable us to fabricate porcelain veneers that perfectly mimic the color and texture of natural teeth, while being as thin as our fingernail!

In order to achieve the ideal shape and size of the teeth, we must firstly remove from the surface of the tooth a thin layer of enamel that equals the thickness of the porcelain that we will place (1). After the construction of the facade in the dental laboratory, from a special type dental porcelain (2),

and it is  cemented on the tooth with special bonding agent

s (glue) (3).f


Porcelain veneers are the ideal method to aesthetically correct teeth that have damaged enamel, discolorations and worn and damaged shape even on the incisal (cutting) edge. They can be placed on a single tooth only.

Porcelain veneers can very well correct the shape, the color and the position of the teeth.

Porcelain veneers provide natural texture and color to the teeth and mimic  nature in an astonishing way. Veneers also have the major advantage that they remain unchanged over time.

When we need to correct asymmetries in the shape and position of the teeth, we achieve more complete results by combining the porcelain laminate veneers with gum line correction, the so called gingivoplasty (gum sculpting).

Aesthetic composite veneers and porcelain laminate veneers are the golden standard of treatment for cases where we want to correct imperfections in the color and shape of the teeth. Having white, straight teeth and a marvelous, impeccable smile is possible thanks  to aesthetic veneers!


Say yes to the ideal smile that suits you!

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