All-ceramic crowns

All-ceramic crowns

Porcelain crowns (all-ceramic crowns) are an excellent technique of modern aesthetic dentistry for restoring teeth with severe damage or discoloration as well as a bad position in the jaw.

Porcelain crowns help us create a beautiful and natural smile again, when one or more teeth have extensive damage or have old, failing crowns than need to be replaced.

All-ceramic crowns without metal core insode

Traditional metal-ceramic crowns consist of a core of noble metal and a porcelain housing, which gives the shape and color of the tooth.

All-ceramic crowns without metal core insode

We often observe that over the years the metal begins to show and a black, unsightly line appears on the cervical border with the gums (the neck of the tooth).

The problem of the dark margin is solved by modern all-ceramic crowns. These are made entirely of ceramic material. In fact, there are all-ceramic crowns with zircon core, a very hard and break-resistant material. Modern all-ceramic crowns have the advantage that are highly bio-compatible and do not irritate the gums and tissues of the mouth. Modern ceramics perfectly mimic the color and texture of natural teeth and therefore give unparalleled aesthetic results.

What are the advantages of porcelain crowns?

The great advantage of novel ceramic materials is that they combine unsurpassed aesthetics with extremely high durability. We are now able to fabricate tooth crowns exclusively from porcelain (all-ceramic) without any metal core. All-ceramic crowns mimic natural teeth in the way they absorb and reflect light.

This is the key physical property that allows crowns at the front teeth to have natural brightness.

Teeth that are decayed, have old, discolored composite restorations, acquire a new shine with the all-ceramic crowns and at the same time are protected from wear and further decay due to bacteria.

You don’t have to live with the “shadows” of the past. Brighten your smile with the new all-ceramic crowns!


Porcelain crowns and harmonious gums

All-ceramic crowns are the ideal way not only to restore a weakened tooth in the first place, but also to replace the old defective crowns, eliminate the unaesthetic black margin and improve the aesthetics of the smile overall.

In cases where the gums appear more than they should and have an asymmetrical shape, we apply the technique of gingivoplasty, thus creating wonderful, bright smiles!


Can porcelain crowns rejuvenate a smile?

Can porcelain crowns rejuvenate a smile?

During a smile make-over we can combine the all-ceramic crowns with other techniques. In this way we erase the signs of time and give to the smile a new spark!

The  secret to a photogenic smile.

The new all-ceramic crowns correct problems that exist in the shape, position and color of the teeth. thus allowing the teeth to have more favorable proportions and natural looking height to width ratio.

When creating smiles full of photogenicity, we give shine not only to the front teeth but also to the teeth on the side, behind the canines. For achieving symmetry and harmony, we often trsanspose the border of the gums upwards.  Thus we increase the hight of the premolars with gingivoplasty, a microsurgical technique of periodontics. Finally, we optimize the shape and color of the teeth volume  with composite resin veneers.

The secret of an irresistible smile:

 The harmonious proportions are maintained until the molars.


Total smile makeover by replacing old failing porcelain crowns.

Total smile makeover by replacing old failing porcelain crowns.

Ill fabricated crowns  often cause chronic inflammation of the gums, causing them to lose their scalloped shape. Missing interdental papillas cause black triangles to appear , which are unaesthetic black holes between teeth and gums.

Before the old crowns are replaced, the gums should receive treatment of periodontitis and their shape should be corrected with surgical techniques of periodontics. Με συνδυασμένες τεχνικές ξανασχηματίζεται η θηλή ανάμεσα στα δόντια και στο τέλος αποκτούν τα ούλα και τα δόντια το φυσικό, συμμετρικό τους σχήμα.

With combined surgical techniques, the papilla between the teeth is formed again and in the end the gums and teeth acquire their natural, symmetrical shape.

Straight teeth with all-ceramic crowns.

In a smile where only a few teeth appear to be crooked, there are actually bigger problems in the alignment of the teeth in the jaw.

Such crowding of the teeth in the jaw requires orthodontic treatment, which can last up to several years.

With porcelain crowns we can correct crowding problems in a few visits. We achieve this by covering the crooked teeth with ceramic cases and giving them the right shape and arrangement in the jaw.

In order to achieve color harmony in this particular case, the porcelain crowns are combined with other techniques of aesthetic dentistry, such as composite resin veneers on the adjacent teeth, whitening of the lower teeth and gingivoplasty, in order to create an optical illusion of harmonious, straight teeth.

Porcelain crown on a single tooth

Porcelain crown on a single tooth

When there is a defect in a front tooth, such as a dark margin, the eye always focuses on the problem and the whole smile is spoiled.

In modern aesthetic dentistry we do not need to cover all teeth with crowns. With minimal invasion, without having to grind healthy tooth structure, we create bright, wonderful smiles!

Modern dental materials and new technology have literally untied our hands. We combine in the best possible way the all-ceramic crowns with composite resin veneers  for natural looking results.

Maya P.
"That ugly crown I had on my front tooth ruined my smile. It has become a habit for me to hide my mouth with my hand out of shame. With the all-ceramic crown I got a beautiful smile and above all a normal life .."

Through modern all-ceramic crowns we can restore the imperfections in each tooth in a biological and aesthetic way.

Enjoy the radiance and naturalness in your smile again!

The harmonious spark in your smile!