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Modern aesthetic dentistry offers you through Hollywood Smile a wonderful, flawless smile, just like the one all the stars of show business have. The philosophy of Hollywood Smile is to make a selected application of special techniques of aesthetic dentistry in order to create wonderful results that perfectly match the patient’s facial characteristics and personality.

An ideal smile is no longer an elusive dream, but reality for everyone who desires it..

Reach out for the smile of your dreams, Hollywood Smile can make it real!

Which aesthetic techniques are indicated for the Hollywood Smile?

In order to achieve total make-overs and create bright, impressive smiles, we apply a combination of treatment options.With Hollywood Smile, we implement the most advanced aesthetic techniques, such as composite – or porcelain laminate veneers, tooth whitening, gingivoplasty, all-ceramic crowns, aesthetic extraction and aesthetic orthodontics. With all these treatment options we can erase even the slightest imperfection out of your smile.

With Hollywood Smile we created your new, sparkling smile!


What do Hollywood stars have in common when they smile?


The “trademark” of Hollywood smiles is that their teeth have the right size and shape, bright color and harmonious position in the jaw. Observing the teeth of Hollywood stars, we find similarities in their smiles that comply with the following aesthetic rules:


• the teeth have a bright color, a harmonious height-width ratio and a correct position in the jaw and in relation to the lips.
• when smiling the gums are exposed only as much as necessary, in order to avoid an unaesthetic gummy smile.

In order to have a beautiful smile, just bleaching the teeth may not be enough. Teeth should have the right shape, be healthy and in a harmonious proportion in relation to the gums that surround them.

What is a gummy smile and how can it be corrected?

A gummy smile is when the upper lip is raised too high and the gums displayed  too much, in proportion to the teeth. This is a deviation from the aesthetic norm that we accept as aesthetically pleasing in a smile. This problem, in the vast majority of cases, is corrected by the technique of gingivoplasty, a minimally invasive periodontal procedure.

Through this micro-surgical technique, the gums acquire a harmonious, symmetrical shape. The transformation in the smile is completed with the aesthetic veneers or the all-ceramic crowns that create white, flawless teeth.

Through composite veneers we restore the symmetry and harmony in the size and shape of the teeth, we can cover flaws and discolorations on the enamel,

and we can create smiles that look beautiful on pictures, in front – but also in side views.

Hollywood Smile is the new trend for all those who wish to have always a youthful, attractive and radiating appearance.

Hollywood Smile and orthodontic treatment

Modern orthodontic treatment (moving teeth with dental braces) is not only for children and teenagers. It is a sophisticated, conservative and practically miracle working treatment of choice for every adult with healthy teeth and gums, no matter their age or profession.

Through aesthetic orthodontic treatment we provide a very conservative approach and avoid pointless and excessive grinding of the teeth.



Eva B.
"I tried many things to correct my smile, I even had braces for some time, but nothing really worked well. In the end I still was hiding my teeth and was ashamed to smile. Through Hollywood Smile I finally enjoy the wonderful smile I always dreamed of. Now I dare to smile again, my life has changed! "

Aesthetic dentistry has done huge leaps of progress in the last view years. It gives us great looking results in a short period of time.
You can only trust the cutting edge techniques of Hollywood Smile. Say yes to the smile of the stars!

Hollywood Smile – for those who seek for the best…

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