Dental bleaching (teeth whitening)

Dental bleaching (teeth whitening)

Dental bleaching is the most popular method of cosmetic dentistry. It naturally whitens the teeth, thus giving us a wonderful, radiant smile.

Until a few years ago, the only way to whiten the teeth was to cover them with aesthetic veneers made of porcelain or composite resin. An alternative was to grind and cap them with all ceramic crowns. Modern dental bleaching techniques are very conservative, do not damage the nerve or the enamel of the teeth and bring spectacular results that last for a long time.


Thanks to dental bleaching you can be proud of your white teeth and your irresistible smile. With this natural procedure, as long as your tooth enamel is in a good condition, your teeth may reach the white color you always dreamed of.

How does tooth whitening work?

For all dental bleaching­­­ procedures we use gel-based bleaching material, which is available in different compositions and concentrations. The dentist, after examining the teeth, decides for the most appropriate material for each case and then places the gel carefully on the tooth enamel. Special precautions are taken to isolate the enamel from gingiva.


The released oxygen penetrates through the enamel prisms and makes the stains and discolorations invisible.

In-office teeth whitening using ultraviolet light activation system (UV)

Tooth whitening with UV light activation is the most popular and widely used dental bleaching method. It is a scientifically proven and very conservative and safe procedure. The teeth respond very quickly and within a few applications during one office visit they receive a bright, white color.

In-office teeth whitening using ultraviolet light activation system (UV)

The action of the whitening agent is enhanced by UVA light emitted from a special light source. Tooth whitening is a very conservative and painless procedure, which in less than an hour brings impressive results.

Angela P.
"Dental bleaching gave me the smile I always dreamed of. My life has literally changed, things are going better in my work and personal life ... I'm so happy!"

Teeth whitening…shine again with your smile!

What causes tooth discoloration?

What causes tooth discoloration?

Teeth tend to lose their natural, white color because of the staining particles found in food and drinks. The dark color of vegetables, chocolate, fruit juices, coffee, tea, red wine as well as smoking, all these are factors that work against the natural, white color of the teeth.

There is also another reason of tooth discoloration, the intake of several drugs, such as antibiotics.

Home bleaching using bleaching trays

Home bleaching using bleaching trays

The most well-known method of bleaching is the one with bleaching trays at home. The trays are manufactured by the dentist, custom-made for your teeth to fit them perfectly.

The dentist provides you the whitening gel that is recommended for your teeth and instructs you how to apply the material in the bleaching trays and then wear them at home.

Tooth whitening – Hollywood’s trend that conquered the planet

Dental bleaching is perhaps the first technique of cosmetic dentistry, successfully applied in Hollywood since the 1930s. From the beginning it was considered an effective and conservative technique for creating beautiful, bright smiles.



It is no coincidence that a bright smile is the trademark of the movie celebrities. It  is an accessory which completes their flawless beauty and makes them look  radiant like shining stars.


Bleaching teeth with new, safe and effective materials

People’s growing desire for youthful appearance and beauty has given the biomaterials industry a strong incentive to focus its research on improving whitening techniques and materials.

It has taken several decades of dental biomaterials research to come up with very effective and safe teeth whitening methods

Dental Bleaching – Fast and good results that last!

In order to offer your teeth their natural white color again, our team at Papasotiriou Dental Clinic follows a triple protocol: 1. Whitening teeth in the clinic using Ultra Violet activation light, then 2. Whitening at home with bleaching trays in order to reach the best possible result, 3. Touch up the bleaching effect with booster syringes, good for two years.


After completing the dental bleaching treatment, thee dentist supplies you with extra bleaching material for home use. This could be applied once every four to six months, depending on how well teeth keep their white color. The combination of these three steps keeps the white, sparkling color of your teeth unchanged.

How many days does a dental bleaching treatment last?

The success of the dental bleaching treatment depends on the composition of the teeth, the age of each individual and the causes of tooth discoloration. Younger individuals with good tooth enamel quality experience more spectacular, fast and permanent dental bleaching results.

On average within 2 weeks the whitening goal has been achieved, the teeth are white and shiny and you can enjoy your sparkling smile!

Yolanda F
"I had very low self-esteem because of my discolored teeth. I didn't even dare to take any pictures of me. Now I smile without thinking twice anymore, I adore my smile!"

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Don’t let a day go by without smiling. Leave behind all that keeps you from enjoying your life with a beautiful, sparkling, white smile. You deserve it!

Enjoy the smile of your dreams now, say yes to dental bleaching!