Aesthetic Adult Orthodontics

Aesthetic Adult Orthodontics

Aesthetic adult orthodontics is a very effective method, for those who wish in the short term to have an impressive result.

Thanks to the aesthetic adult orthodontics we can in a short time fix the arrangement of the teeth with the least possible interventions and restore the aesthetics and harmony to the smile.

Aesthetic Teeth Braces are best indicated, when the front teeth have some orthodontic irregularities, without causing any functional problems in chewing, in the position of the jaw and the function of the jaw joint.

Aesthetic Adult Orthodontics – Indications

Nowadays very few people are so lucky to be born with absolutely straight teeth. Most of us have unfortunately a certain deviation from the ideal position or alignment of teeth. Traditionally we would use braces in order to straighten crooked teeth. An orthodontic treatment starts when the permanent teeth appear, usually in puberty.

But the decision for someone to wear braces is never an easy one… Many of these kids, who hesitated to wear braces, today – as adults – may have regretted it.

Thanks to Aesthetic adult orthodontics, a beautiful smile is not a distant dream but a tangible reality! The great advantage of this technique is the very short treatment time (usually 3-4 months), which makes the decision for an adult much easier.

Aesthetic Adult Orthodontics and Crowding

Aesthetic adult orthodontics can be applied when there is a lack of space and crowding of teeth – what we call crooked teeth. By using Aesthetic Adult Orthodontics alone we can have a great result.

For an even more impressive results, after Aesthetic adult orthodontics we can give the teeth the ideal shape and color thanks to aesthetic dentistry and the technique of tooth whitening and aesthetic veneers.

Aesthetic Adult Orthodontics and Spaces

Aesthetic adult orthodontics helps us manage the exact opposite problem: gaps and spaces between the teeth.

One of the side effects of periodontal disease is that teeth start to drift, causing gaps between them. Even in these cases we can bring the teeth back to their original, healthy position, creating thus a, harmonic, attractive smile.

In these cases, aesthetic dentistry is an irreplaceable tool, since with techniques, such as dental bleaching and aesthetic veneers we can offer a truly spectacular result.

Aesthetic Adult Orthodontics – Lower Teeth

Aesthetic adult orthodontics can also provide solutions in the lower jaw, where crowding is the most usual finding.

In particularly advanced cases, we can combine aesthetic adult orthodontics with an aesthetic extraction. In this way we create enough space to give a harmonious picture.

For smile aesthetics it is more important to have a harmonious flow in tooth shapes and sizes, rather than the presence of all the teeth.


"When I was a schoolboy I didn’t want to hear about braces… Only later I realized the importance of an attractive smile. But now, with so much going on at work, I didn’t want to wear braces for two years… Fortunately, there is a fast method for adults! In a few weeks I got the smile I always dreamed of!"

Aesthetic adult orthodontics is the ideal method for those who no longer want to have crooked teeth. Consider  aesthetic adult orthodontics and get in a short period of time straight teeth and a beautiful, harmonious smile!

Straight, beautiful teeth... it's never too late!